We believe that our insured clients who apply solid risk management practices should see their efforts reflected in their premium. Participation is strictly voluntary in this program; however, it can result in a discounted premium of up to 10% on your professional liability insurance renewal.

MHP & MLA Clients

The first part of the program focuses on education. There are two ways to earn the education premium discount — up to 10% per year. Eligible insured Physicians/Surgeons or Allied Healthcare professionals can attend a one-hour, on-site risk management program, provided by a MLA consultant, for 3% premium discount or successfully complete our online educational courses for 1% premium discount for each completed course. These options can be combined to earn a total of 10% education premium discount per year.

MLA Clients Only

The second part of the program focuses on self-survey and office practice assessment and provides a 3% premium discount for two years upon premium renewal. Our ECRI Clinic Self-Survey is designed to assist in identifying and correcting risk management concerns in your office practice. In addition to the premium discount you will earn for reviewing and completing this Clinic Self-Survey, it will be reviewed by our Risk Management professionals and specific recommendations and action plans will be developed to help you address opportunities for improvement. A report comparing your organization to other survey respondents will also be provided.

For the Risk Management Premium Credit:
Online Education support:
Jesse Muenks, Vice President – Underwriting
Eva Rohrbach, Senior RM Assistant