Dividends and Profit Sharing

Healthcare Services Group (HSG) Family of Companies believes in giving back to its members and policyholders. The Companies employ highly efficient operating practices, keeping the expense ratio well below the national average, providing additional revenue to the bottom line, and allowing us to sustain increasing dividends and profit-sharing to policyholders.

2024 Dividend and Profit Sharing Announcement

In 2024, the Missouri Hospital Plan (MHP) board of directors declared a $14 million dividend payable to members renewing in 2024. This represents a $1 million increase over the dividend amount paid in 2023. MHP has a long history of providing substantial annual dividends to MHP members. Overall, MHP has declared $240 million in dividends to its members over the past 18 years.

In addition, the MLA board of directors declared a 13% Quality Caregivers profit sharing payout for eligible insureds upon renewal, an increase of 2% from 2023. MLA is a wholly owned subsidiary of MHP. This is the 16th consecutive year that MLA has produced profit to share with qualifying insureds. Over this time, the MLA board has declared over $24 million in profit sharing.


Fact 1: Eligibility: Members are eligible to receive dividends after one year upon renewal
Fact 2: 2024 Return: $14M was returned to members
Fact 3: Dividend Sharing Ratio: MHP’s 31% dividend ratio is more than 20 times that of industry peers


Fact 1: Eligibility: Policyholders are eligible for profit sharing after one year*
Fact 2: 2024 Return: 13% of premium was returned to policyholders
Fact 3: Profit Sharing Ratio: MLA’s 13% profit sharing ratio is more than three times that of industry peers
Fact 4: 2024 profit-sharing payout marks over $24 million returned to policyholders since 2009.
*Payable upon renewal, subject to defined loss experience standards.