To report a claim or lawsuit, contact your claim representative by phone or submit pertinent information, lien letter, or petition by mail, fax or email to:

Phone: 573-353-8764
Mail: 4700 Country Club Drive, Jefferson City, MO 65109
Fax: 573-893-3748
Email: or one of the HSG Claim Management Team members directly.

Step by Step Claim Management

  1. Notice of claim or lawsuit received by phone, email or fax
  2. Communication with insured client regarding details involved in the claim
  3. Assignment to Investigator or Defense Counsel
    1. Claim: Assigned to Investigator to analyze records
    2. Lawsuit: Assigned to defense counsel to defend case and work through legal process with the insured. As the case progresses, claim representative and defense counsel will discuss findings and strategy with the insured. With the insured client’s agreement, we will either attempt settlement or continue to defend the case through trial.
  4. Settlement or continued defense through trial and appeal
  5. Close claim