HEALS (Healthcare Event Assistance & Lending Support) Program

Unfortunately, in medicine, things do not always go as planned. During treatment, patients may experience an unanticipated clinical event. Patients sometimes perceive that the provider did something wrong, resulting in a complaint investigation or lawsuit being filed. In many cases, the healthcare provider experiences anxiety and emotional distress, that may cause personal anguish and hinder their ability to deliver safe, compassionate care after one of these events.
HSG’s HEALS (Healthcare Event Assistance & Lending Support) Program provides education and support to insured healthcare providers after they experience an unanticipated or adverse patient outcome. The HEALS’ support can also be beneficial during a complaint investigation or during malpractice litigation. The program focuses on the healthcare providers’ thoughts, concerns and questions about the events unfolding around them. The reactions that healthcare providers experience during these times are normal reactions to an abnormal and unanticipated patient event or outcome. HEALS is an information-sharing program with its primary objective being to help providers return to peak performance as quickly as possible.
HSG’s Claim Department and the Risk Management & Patient Safety (RM&PS) Department work closely together to deliver the HEALS program to our insured clients. HEALS is part of HSG’s claims services. HEALS is managed and controlled by the Claim Department as part of the claims process but delivered by HSG’s RM&PS Department. The information discussed is privileged just like other claims-related information since it is a part of the claims management process.

For more information: Risk Management & Patient Safety Newsletter, Spring 2014, Volume 11, No. 2 newsletter & HEALS brochure

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