Assistance With Legal Matters

Our attorneys are available to consult with clients concerning legal matters, even if a formal claim has not been made. Such matters may include advice on HIPAA compliance, responding to complaints or requests by patients or family members, and other legal matters, such as:

Records requests

Our claim representatives assist our clients in response to subpoenas and other requests to produce medical records or documents. When appropriate, we retain outside counsel to represent the client’s interests, at no additional cost.


When an insured client or any of its employees is subpoenaed or requested to give a deposition regarding medical care (even if a formal claim has not been presented), we assign an attorney to represent and defend the individual at the deposition.

Licensing boards

When a licensing board or other governmental agency requires an insured client or any of its employees to provide records, create a written summary, or appear in front of the board or agency, our claim representatives assist throughout the process and retain an attorney to represent the insured.